House Styles

We offer four main types of the 2-floor villas, each with it's own independent layout and styling.

Mekong Breeze Villa

The Mekong Breeze Villa (400 m2) is the prime property of the residential development, designed in a resolutely contemporary style and making the utmost of its unique river-front location. The villa includes four bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, a master-bedroom with walk-in closet and large open spaces throughout. Only three homes of this type will be constructed in phase 1, offering the luxury of sweeping views of the Mekong and the quiet Thai countryside at the background.

Atrium Villa


The Atrium Villa (424 m2) is the largest of the available homes and provides very generous living spaces as well as five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, some of which can be transformed into a study or other uses. The villa is organized around an inner atrium and includes both an open modern kitchen and a Lao service kitchen. Phase 1 includes a total of three Atrium villas.

Pavilion Villa


The Pavilion Villa (264 m2) boasts three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and provides generous living areas that are maximized by opening onto a private garden and also by providing views to the common green areas. Three Pavilion villas will be constructed during Phase 1.

Prima d’Or Villa (PO)

Prima d’Or Villa (PO) Front View


The Prima d’Or Villa (132 m2) offers all the amenities of a luxury three-bedroom home as well as access to all common facilities such as the large river-front swimming pool and landscaped gardens, to name but a few. The three bedrooms and bathrooms are customizable to only one or two bedrooms and a study, depending on individual customer preference.